Intro to COALA Trachten

Coala has been producing high quality EU made Dirndls since 1991.


The traditional Austro-Hungarian dress is the perfect choice for fancy dress parties, dress ups or even playtime and our wide range of colours and styles means even the most fashion conscious child won't be let down.


We believe there isn't a better time to get your hands on a Coala Dirndl. The traditional costume worn by ancient Bavarians and people of the Tyrolean mountains are enjoying a renaissance thanks to popular events such as the OktoberfestWe want your child to connect to the richness of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with this magnificent dress.


We guarantee quality. Our dresses are designed and produced in Europe, undergoing rigorous checks and sold at a reasonable price. Our dresses are laced with 100% cotton meaning no irritation and are free enough to allow your child to run around freely. It’s no wonder Coala Dirndls are the number one seller on Vienna's high street.


Over 25 years of experience goes a long way. We're a Vienna based company run by young and aspiring multicultural entrepreneurs. Want to know more? Our team of 24/7 business experts speak German, English, Czech, Hungarian and Spanish. Get in touch with managing director Alejandro Andrade on +43 660 8808160 or visit for further details.


Coala is Tradition - Tadition is Family - Family is Love